Recent works

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Single channel
6 mins

A text-base documentary that is a round up from science and technological websites that have written, discussed and extensively put out information regarding AI and/or the issues surrounding AI. Although these information are online, it is not directed for an individual and the impact it can make for all that comes into contact with A.I application. The attempt is to generate a video that debunks A.I myths, consider it's widespread use and highlights how damaging A.I bias can be. This video is then disseminated on Twitter, by an A.I signed off as Daimon- whose job is to do as trained, sending video to the relevant public. Daimon is also the first ever self sufficient A.I who lives on those who chooses to support him in this task (online at The lack of regulation on AI is an issue that is as urgent as the climate crisis, especially so if one considers the rate of AI being implemented across major industries worldwide. Support this project's petition to the EU on A.I regulation here. Daimon is a collaborative project with A.I Scientist Olivier Peyran.


Text, printed images, Polaroid

A chance encounter brought TOM into my domestic and working space. As its presence becomes familiar and of my personal observation, I became increasingly obsessed with it. This obsession quickly turned into an insecurity - about not being able to keep TOM's appearance as pristine and an awareness around its ageing became apparent. Knowing this will happen on the day I brought it home, it was still anxiety inducing to witness its sign of deterioration. I frantically photographed TOM only to realise a digital imprint meant I couldn't physically hold it. After TOM officially made it to the bin, I realise a Polaroid would retain its form as an object and project him during its "better" days whilst sitting on my desk just as it was. Something and little changed.

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Thinking Color

Single channel
38 mins

What does it mean to be creative? How is it that the curriculum in education always encourages creativity? How do children perform creativity? How do they fare? Why do children manage creativity better than grown ups? Filmed during Shaftesbury Park Primary School Creative Week, this moving visual tries it's best to capture those moments, as teachers and students carve time aside to perform creativity. As the lens closes in and document, this single moment of attention allows a closer observation within an energetic and brisk environment. Would these children that we see, so very engaged to creativity, lose it as they become grown ups? Gina has been privileged to film in a totally non-controlled environment (narratively), the filming process was non-scripted, allowing her to capture these developments authentically. We see how these children understand their role and their engagement in creativity.

*As shown on Wandsworth Art Fringe Festival 2020

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Phenomenologically Love - a practice

5 channel projection
19 mins

A practice - of love, balance, pace, falling and rising, engagement, connected to our emotive self. The four performers brings forward- strength, energy, freedom and love through their movements. A strength in order to contemplate, energy in order to practice, freedom to explore, love before neglect. And in these moments, just like the cicadas the muses sent to allure- immerse in song and poetry. Love, more than hope- "Phenomenologically love" considers love as an antidote to our turbulent and cacophonous period that is throttling onwards in an unfathomable speed.


Single channel
5 mins

A discomfort rises- confronted by our bodily self, questions surfaces, our relationship toward an image of self, a conscious thinking self and the relationship of self to the other. This sense of discomfort, which at the same time is perhaps slightly stirring, engages all of one's body senses. Awkward and confronted, our sensitivity of sight, sound, touch, maybe even smell becomes felt. The condition of material before the condition of dialectics.

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Maid. Helper. Caregiver. Foreign Domestic Worker.

Single channel
5.1 Surround
50 mins

A video portrait of Lyn, a lived-in foreign domestic worker who has worked for more than 10 years in Singapore. Lyn's story tells of her fortune to have a good employer, and yet she struggles to make enough to see her four children through school. Through the telling of Lyn's story, the problem of modern day colonization becomes apparent and the lack of protection that is overwhelmingly neglected for this group of workers. .

*Selected for 2019 Noorderlicht International Photography Festival: TAXED TO THE MAX, 26th edition

*Selected for 2019 FTho Daytime TV (an excerpt)


Archival inkjet print 84 x 59 cm
Metal brackets with rubber band and magazine interview cut-out

A plot of empty land up for new development is flanked on both sides by residential buildings. On the left is public council housing and on the right is a new private real estate development, what goes in the middle? Accompanying this photo is an excerpt of an interview from a fervent art collector, brandishing his infatuations with famous artists and extensive art collection. The two subjects are juxtaposed, housing is placed beside the commodification of artworks. Where-It-Progresses? (WIP) was made for a Work-In-Progress (WIP) show, the artist is caught in progress, but is society forever in progress?

Say Your Name

9 mins

Through a meandering of sounds, one experiences various states through the sound textures that presents an immediacy within the body or memory. The sounds takes the listener toward an indoor, outdoor ambience mimetic to listening in (to oneself) and the affectivity of listening around (outside sounds, everyday sounds). It arrives at a voice, leading one specifically to some thinking-actions. Drifting through one’s thought, the sound manoeuvres between - listening, distraction, thinking and wandering.

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Single channel on iPad

Presents pivotal moments of the artist’s parents as they grapple with old age and illnesses. Made after the passing of the artist’s father, it reflects on the period of illness before one succumbs to death and the last memories that remains for the living. The video portrays the 3 generations within the family as a passage of time as it bears witness to these final events of deterioration from time which eventually leads to death.