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Gina Peyran-Tan


Having previously worked across different formats and collaboratively, Gina's practice is currently located in Moving Image. In trying to grasp this existence, her practice is drawn toward the sphere of the personal and navigates around notions of balance - the conflicted self, the straddling in-between balance and disorder, the confrontational forces within society.

Tension tends to seep out from these observations of human relations and becomes apparent as an understatement in her work. A sense of corporeality that is embodied in her visual imagery transcends the medium in an attempt to deliver her narrative affectingly. The ever complex web and flow of life takes her practice on a discursive route engaging in varied narratives and discourses with a certain uncertainty of what may come next.

Her subjects does not follow a predetermined concept in some orderly approach, but rather, it stays fluid and conscious to the present within an interest to the historicity of events. She works to engage in this challenge of discovery within a framework of criticality around her interest in phenomenology, ethics and self-consciousness. Her moving visual choreography influenced by poetic language endeavours to understand our conditional circumstances and draws out the fragments of our existence.

Gina graduated from Royal College of Art (UK) in 2019 with an MA in Contemporary Art - Critical Practice.

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